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ASAP’s Journey Motivational Blog

Meet the man behind Aluminium Systems & Partitioning Mr Rashmore Pingu. On the 23rd of May 2012 he made his multimillion idea to materialize. Though the African education has trained us to become more of employees rather than job creators, he decided to take what we would like to call a “risk” in an economy which is not so stable- thus leaving his former job to start his own company. That was the birth of Aluminium Systems and partitioning. The company’s prominent focus is on supplying aluminium windows, doors, mantrap booths, roof lights, office partitions &ceilings that meet the world class standards. The company has worked in both residential and commercial sites. Some of the companies that have tried and tested our products are Tetrade, Truworths- Vic falls, Registrar General Office, Manicaland State University (MSUAS), Doves Funeral, Bhola Hardwares, Chinhoyi University (CUT), Samuel Mutendi Academy, Avion, Empowerbank, Great Zimbabwe University (GZU), Zimgold, Radiation (RPAZ), Central Registry, Management Training Bureau & Big B Mall.

One of my favorite saying goes like the journey of a thousand miles start always with the first step. You can’t accomplish anything if you haven’t started moving towards your goal. Many people have ideas but they are drowned by procrastination.  Effort is a requirement if you want to make a difference. Many do the bare minimum but yet complain that they don’t see great results. You reap what you sow and that applies with everything in life. Nothing will come easy as if it did, everybody would do it. You need to be different and think outside the box at times & even get out of your comfort zone. Great things will happen when you put in the time and energy to work towards making difficult changes in your life.

“So where do I start this journey?” you may ask. Well, make sure you write down what you want to accomplish, or create, or achieve. Once you have all of it on paper, find out what is needed to get things done. Always focus on the bigger picture and do not allow yourself to be intimidated by your dreams, even if they are very scary, in the end the good will come. Face your fears and always come up with better solutions to what you want to do. Baby steps are required to appease the hurdles you will face through your journey to happiness. Once you master crawling, you can start walking and finally run towards your destination/destiny. Be careful though as you may also fall and hurt yourself at times, but this is a part of what we call life. Without failures, you will never learn anything. If you don’t learn, your mind will stagnate and nothing will have any meaning. You have to avoid that at all cost. If the path you are in isn’t the right one, turn back and find the one that works best for you. Until then, I will see you at the destination. I am sure you & I will reach our goals.

#Be positive minded, speak positively and act accordingly#